Mumbai 2nd cheapest city in world for short vacation


MUMBAI might be an expensive city for Indians, but for travellers choosing between destinations for a short three-day break, it’s the second cheapest city in the world after Hanoi.

These numbers are part of travel planning website TripAdvisor’s annual TripIndex Cities, which compares the cost of a three-night break during the summer travel period of June to September in 27 key cities around the world. According to the study, New York is the world’s most expensive city followed by Tokyo, London, Cancun and Paris, while Hanoi is the least expensive city for a three-day break for Indian travellers.
Indian cities are not far behind. The study found that the average price for a short break in Indian cities is Rs 30,415 (excluding flights). Pune is the lowest cost destination at Rs 26,595, while Mumbai costs the most at Rs 38,444.
A closer look at the study reveals that travellers can find the best value in Asia, with four of the top 10 cheapest destinations located within south east Asia. However, on the flip side, travellers must be conscious while choosing Asia, as three of the most expensive destinations are also located in this part of the world.
The prices for both international and Indian destinations include the cost of accommodation, lunch & dinner, visit to the star attractions and taxi fare for two people.